Happy 4th of July SUPER SALE at NutraPlanet!!!

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  1. Happy 4th of July SUPER SALE at NutraPlanet!!!

    it's HERE! NutraPlanet Independence Day SALE!!!

    10% OFF (clearance items, Anabolic Pump, and NO Xplode are excluded)

    Coupon Code: July4Savings

    A big thank you goes out to all you loyal NutraPlanet customers who make these types of great sales possible.

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  2. What's that you say, the Anabolic Pump was just the warm-up?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    What's that you say, the Anabolic Pump was just the warm-up?
    all the current sale items are like really good appetizers prior to the main course.

  4. great googly moogly

  5. MMM I can smell the BBQ and savings already...

    People prepare!

    I'm going to see if I can talk Sam into throwing some fireworks into my orders

  6. Sh1t, I dropped over 3 bills at NP last night!
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  7. yeah i think the ap sale is going to cause a lot of people to miss out on the 4th of july sale

  8. yep, but now I have AP for the next 6 months :-)
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  9. ...time to call the credit card company...could you raise the limit on my card; NP is having a sale...I swear that I'm good for it! :-)
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  10. dammm.. was waiting for res 98% caps..


  11. Quote Originally Posted by AdelV View Post
    dammm.. was waiting for res 98% caps..

    yeah, this is one of those times where you take advantage of the sale.........then come back later for the out of stock items you needed.
    the res98% caps will be a great deal when they come available, even without a sale.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Frequency View Post
    great googly moogly

    I'll second that, cant wait to see what else Im going to spend money on this weekend!!!!!!!!
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  13. Guest
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    AP has sold out, but I am sending more today(was not suppose to but I'm easy what can i say).

    There should be stock for July 4th..

  14. Some of us shop there so much, we should have a line of credit!
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  15. Just put it on my tab

  16. There was a reason i just made a $450 credit card payment 14 days before my bill was due
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by BigBoy12 View Post
    Some of us shop there so much, we should have a line of credit!
    For real.

  18. NIIIICE I filled my cart today and decided not to check out and wait it out, I'm sure I will be glad I did.

  19. I've been waiting for this for about a week... my mouth is watering just thinking about what I'll be buying.

  20. i have a feeling that this will be one of those sales that runs everything out of stock.

  21. Is this going to be up soon? I'm leaving tomorrow for vacation and wont have internet access for a week!!!

  22. considering that I'm just about to run out of my bare essentials (amino acids and protein) I cant hardly wait, last night I almost put in my order but I thought I'd hold off another day

  23. You damn dirty HANK! I'm just thankful that this stuff all has a long shelf life
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  24. damnit fockers....put the sale up already.....its just a game focker.

  25. I better make my cart and save it now so it's just a quick click and buy
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