Nutra bulk TTA + salvia review

  1. Nutra bulk TTA + salvia review

    I ordered your TTA and salvia a bit back and stacked them for 30 days. I was taking 3g of TTA and 2.5g of salvia per day. While eating above maintenance caloric intake and not so much cardio done, my waist went down 1 inch and I am MUCH more defined now and gained 5 pounds. No full cramps, i would get up fast and then would almost get a cramp in calves some times or if I held my cell phone to my ear for long my bicep would almost go into a cramp... but never woke up in the middle of the night in agony or anything

    Also... I donno how safe it was, but the last day of the stack I took 7 g of TTA and 6 g of salvia just because I wanted to end the cycle that day and I wanted to experiment with how that dose felt. Great stuff, will buy again real soon

  2. What kind of diet were you on ? Macros?

    did you feel water retention at all ?

  3. You mean salvia has other uses besides smoking?

  4. Are you talking about Salvia divinorum?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Usf97j4x4 View Post
    You mean salvia has other uses besides smoking?
    different stuff all together
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  6. Salvia Miltiorrhiza, one of the major actives in DCP.

    BTW, the material that Nutra has - once it is gone it probably wont be back.

    and....7 grams of TTA? 7 GRAMS?
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  7. 7 grams of tta would make my toenails cramp.

  8. No, not salvia divornum haha.

    Macros were 20% CHO/50% PRO/30% fat

    Yeah, haha... 7 grams. Its rediculous, I KNOW. But I like being a guinea pig and 3g didn't make me have real cramps. So I was curious as to whether or not 7 would, and it didn't at least not when I dosed it that one day at 7 grams. Although, up to 5 days after that I would have to be very careful on how I moved, because say I leaned on a wall with 1 arm extended holding myself up, then I stopped leaning and tried folding my arms... my tricep didn't wanna stop contracting so I would have to stay still or else it would feel like my muscle was going to explode. It was very interesting. I won't being dosing it that high ever again, but I am glad i tried it at least once

    There was deffinately some water retention, it went away completely within a week of finishing the last dose. After I made this post my waist went down another .5 inches and still was on the same diet and cardio plan. I will deffinately run this again, probably when I begin a bulk. I'll keep you updated on how that goes.


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