am I bad at math?

  1. am I bad at math?

    is it my math or is the bulk cissus 50% more expensive per gram than the 50%cissus caps that nutra sells?

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    is it my math or is the bulk cissus 50% more expensive per gram than the 50%cissus caps that nutra sells?
    In general, the caps are more per gram than the bulk powder however with the Cissus caps, we managed to get a great deal on the NutraCaps! The advantage to the powder is this case is incase you wish to have a dose other than the 500mg offered in the NutraCap.

    Typically though NutraCaps are designed to provide convenience and still deliver a competitive price. In general the bulk powder is cheaper, however it is quite unpleasant to take many powder plain and it is difficult to get the desired dose.

    Nutracaps offers the exact dose conveniently capped and in baggies. Another example is green tea. You can buy 100g of the powder for $10 Green Tea Powder (50% EGCG) (100 gm) By: NutraPlanet or you can choose to buy the NutraCap version TEA-GCG„ (Green Tea Caps) (100 caps) By: NutraPlanet . If you do the math, you will see that for $7.50, you are admittedly getting only 50g, HOWEVER you are getting it in a more palatable (pre-capped) form. Factor in the cost of 100 capsules (min. $1.05) and the time factor (priceless) you will see why the Green Tea Caps are one of our best sellers!

    In its commitment to giving you the best selection, NutraPlanet offers both the powdered version (most economical) or a capped version (Convenient and still affordable) of products like Cissus and Green Tea in order to allow you to make the best personal choice. Thank you for your support of NutraPlanet and your sharp eye!

  3. nutracaps ftw.

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