BCAA's Out of Stock Too Often

  1. BCAA's Out of Stock Too Often

    Nutraplanet's bulk BCAA's gets out of stock very often and it takes a while for it to be replenished. I was told by customer service that there will be a change of supplier? Is that true? Hopefully this won't happen with the new supplier.

    When will it be back in stock?

  2. i'm not sure when it will be back in stock but changing suppliers could delay things for a bit.
    in the meantime why not use xtend?
    the sale price on xtend makes it around the same price as NP bulk bcaa. and xtend mixes easy and tastes yummy!

  3. If you were told by the CSR's that they were changing supplies, I would say that's pretty damn solid info lol.
    I don't know when they will be back, but like Hank said the Xtend is great value IMO.

  4. I agree with the poster. The price on Xtend is great and I have used Xtend, but I do not want any of the CM. IMO the CM does nothing for me.

    Still waiting a lil longer for bulk EAA and Nettle from NP

  5. Thanks for the input on the xtend sale, that saved me from placing my order elsewhere. Still would prefer the bulk as I donít want artificial sweeteners (but Iíll have to live with it for a couple weeks) and really just want the leucine, valine, isoleucine.
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