1. xtend...

    do anyone know when xtend 1kg will be back in stock??? i miss my xtend

  2. Orange flavor is currently in stock if you are interested in giving that flavor a try. I will have to check, but the other flavors should be restocked by weeks end.

  3. ok thx, will xtend stay at the same unbeatable price of 38$???
  4. Unbreakable
    David Dunn's Avatar

    I must have ordered the last one in grape as I received my order just recently and it is now out of stock.

    I see no reason to suspect or expect the great NutraPlanet price to change.

    I've not tried the grape yet but the orange is pretty good.

  5. anyway i cant order now because half of what i want is out of stock

  6. yayyyy in stock

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ranel2220 View Post
    yayyyy in stock

    haha yah its a real good product


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