Nutraplanet Customer Service?

  1. Nutraplanet Customer Service?

    IS there any.....ive been tryin to get my order straightened out all morning and i cant becuase there is no customer service?

  2. all morning? haha give it a day or two.

  3. really......thats pretty bad IMO....

  4. they are most responsive if you email [email protected] m

    if you still have trouble getting through after that, just pm me and i'll see what i can do.

  5. Don't worry they'll take care of you just give them some time, I've had to make changes to my orders before and it just takes a little time thats all, be more patient

  6. Hank put it well. From what many other users have experienced, the CSR's at Nutraplanet respond very quickly. Monday mornings however tend to be a bit slower because there are lots of emails to catch up on. Hopefully they get you straightened out ASAP.

  7. I am also having trouble getting ahold of them today so don't take it personally.
    I have ordered from them many times and always been 100% satisfied. I'm sure they will take care of you (and me) as soon as they can.

  8. All

  9. ya im not worried at all ive just never ordered from NP before so i didnt know that this was normal.....

    thanks guys

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Lotto View Post
    ya im not worried at all ive just never ordered from NP before so i didnt know that this was normal.....

    thanks guys
    make sure you quote your order number in the email or in the subject line

  11. Dont worry, these guys are AWESOME.

    My last order I got 6 sample packs, a T-shirt, and a blender bottle!

    Any past aggravations that I had had about stock issues faded into memory as I cut the sleeves off my (nice quality) black t-shirt, threw that baby on, filled my new blender bottle with Xtend and headed to the gym.

    Thanks, NP, for confirming why I spend so much money with you guys!!!

  12. im on the other side of the planet and a day ahead and i've never had any customer service issue's.

  13. See nutraplanet always answer requests, sorry for the blurry Pic.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  14. Ninja Monkeys FTW!
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25


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