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  1. Gift Certificate

    How long do these usually take to get sent to your email?

  2. It wasn't emailed directly to you? Seems odd because there is no shipping. Hopefully someone will come along from Nutra to help.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by shinobidoode View Post
    How long do these usually take to get sent to your email?
    If you order the gift certificate on it's own, it should be in your inbox within one business day (Orders are usually processed day-of or next-day). If you have already ordered a gift-certificate and didn't receive it within a reasonable time frame, please check which email adress you have on file with NutraPlanet, and if it isn't in that inbox please email [email protected] m with your order #.

  4. make sure you check your bulk/junk mail folder as well.



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