Can Nutraplanet ship RPM to Canada ?

  1. Can Nutraplanet ship RPM to Canada ?

    Was just wondering if RPM will make it through customs in Canada because i dont want to order it from Nutraplanet and then it doesnt even get here.

  2. Most definitely, and all substances are allowed in Canada so you can order worry free!
    I know how hard it is to find what you want here in Canada, and the pricing is so much higher that even with shipping it is always cheaper for me to order from NP!

  3. same thing here, i always order from NP for their price even if the shipping could be lowered a little bit, it doesnt matter. i saw at the GNC here in quebec a bottle of xtend 100FCK!NG bucks, are they crazy or what??? for the rpm it should be could, already got it at home from another bulk supplier

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