Got PowerFULL

  1. Got PowerFULL

    I know this question has already been asked. Will we see bulk powerfull again?

  2. I think it was mentioned in another thread by the NP guys that this is not going to be coming back.

  3. Bulk Powerfull was discontinued at NP and was replaced by 1-Carboxy, which has also been discontinued. Mulletsoldier or USP Labs might have some future plans to release a bulk PowerFULL, but otherwise it is very scarce.
    In the meantime,

  4. Yeah, all that as well as yellow gold will be gone. Was about to pick up a capping kit for the yellow gold too and then .......

    I'll guess we'll have to see what comes down in the future.

  5. Why does this stuff get discontinued?

  6. Not sure about bulk Powerfull/1-carboxy and yellow gold, but I think bulk Sesathin got discontinued due to cost.


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