When will Icariin be back in stock?

  1. When will Icariin be back in stock?

    Any idea of ETA on the 50% bulk Icariin?

  2. Yea, and ETA for nettle root extract would be good too

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Steinkill View Post
    Yea, and ETA for nettle root extract would be good too
    It's kind of buried, but on p.5 of who's interested in these bulks, I updated some ETA's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Bulks update!

    USP Labs bulks have been discontinued, that means no PureSap and no 1-Carboxy. Also no Capped Yellow Gold out of respect to USP Labs.

    Forskolin Nutracaps: Not possible with the current supplier. We are looking for a different manufacturer to make this happen, will keep you posted.

    Bulk Nettle: 4 Week lead time with the current supplier, may be sooner if a different supplier is found.

    Bulk Reserveratrol: Looking at best pricing, should be happening in 1-2 weeks.

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