Back and better than ever, Get Diesel's NEW VERSION of NOS Ether is now in stock at NutraPlanet!!! For a limited time only, pick up a unit on sale for only $39.99!!!

    NOS ETHER, the performance product considered to be the best non-hormonal supplement available for rapid strength and power gains is now upgraded to take your training to a higher level than ever before! NOS ETHER is known as the one product that high performance/intensity sport athletes rely on for fast recovery, rapid strength/power gains and endurance that last as long as their vigorous training sessions. NOS ETHER is now a 5-in-1 powerhouse providing an ETHER™ ATP (Strength/Power) blend, a NOS Precursor™ (Nitric Oxide/Insulin Sensitivity) blend, a JP4™ Endurance blend, a Mind Right™ Nootropic (Mental Focus) blend, and the DIESEL Antioxidant™ blend. Most companies would sell NOS ETHER as five different products for about $30 to $40+ each!

    ETHER™ ATP (Strength/Power) blend
    - The ETHER blend produces rapid strength/power gains by optimizing your ATP levels better than any product available. ATP is the high energy compound responsible for explosive power and strength and it is the main energy source for the majority of cellular functions. NOS ETHER increases and recycles ATP to provide explosive strength and power during your workout as well as long term strength gains.

    NOS Precursor™ (Nitric Oxide/Insulin Sensitivity) blend - This blend serves two purposes; first to provide sick vascularity and rock hard Nitric Oxide pumps and secondly to increase insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning to shuttle carbs and protein into your muscles increasing lean muscle mass gains during a bulking phase, or to help a cutting phase by allowing you to store less carbs as fat. When you use NOS ETHER as directed you will notice your bodyfat will be decreasing while your lean muscle mass is increasing!

    JP4™ Endurance blend - New to NOS ETHER is the JP4 endurance blend powered by Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate, DMG, Rhodiola and Cordyceps. Your aerobic (high rep/distance) endurance will be greatly enhanced from the JP4 blend just as your anaerobic (low rep/spiriting/explosive power) will be enhanced with the ETHER blend in NOS ETHER.

    Mind Right™ Nootropic (Mental Focus) blend - Everyone talks about this "Mind/Muscle" connection which is what you need for optimum performance. The Mind-Muscle connection is when your mind is performing at the same increased level as your muscles and vise versa. With NOS ETHER you get a nootropic (mental focus) enhancing blend that is caffeine free to complete the Mind-Muscle connection you need to perform focused, energized, and dialed-in WITH increases in strength, power and endurance. The Mind Right blend also works to give you less of a mentally drained feeling after you workout. If you love pre-workout stimulants such as Ready4War, you will find stacking them with NOS ETHER will be like throwing a turbo on their mental focus and energy effects because of the Mind Right nootropic blend.

    DIESEL Antioxidant™ blend - Antioxidants are very important to overall heath and muscle repair. When you workout your muscles are flooded free radicals that destroy muscles and make the recovery process harder the more intense and/or frequently you train. The DIESEL Antioxidant blend helps to reduce oxidants and free radicals during and post workout allowing you to train harder, and recover faster than ever before.
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  2. NOS ETHER on sale at NP $39.99!!! While supplies last, or for the next few days which ever comes first.

    After that NOS ETHER will go back to the new price of $42.99.

    Time to GET DIESEL.

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