Let's here it boys and girls.....

  1. Let's here it boys and girls.....

    Your Spring/Summer stacks for gettin ripped outta ur minds...This has been magical for me:

    AM- 2 Recreate, 2 GL Stim'd Out, 4 GL BCAA-EE, 1 AP, 1 Super Cissus, 2 Powerfull, 2 NP Yohimbine, 2 NP Caffeine tabs, 2 caps NP ALA, 2 NP CLA, 2 GL Cissus-Drol

    Pre Workout and During- 2 recreate, 2 NP caffeine tabs, 2 NP yohimbine, 1 PSLin, 1 Super Cissus, 1 Powerfull, 1 scoop NP Kwick Karb, 10 g Glutamine, 5 g creatine, 6 g taurine, 4 GL BCAA-EE

    PM- 1 AP, 2 Powerfull, 1 Super Cissus, 10 g Glutamine, 2 GL Cissus-Drol

    4 squirts lipoderm-y, and DCP 3 times/day

    All the powders are NP bulk and are really pure....I'll add more as I'm sure I forgot some.....

  2. looks solid!
    hard to beat NP bulks for cheap fat-loss stacks!!!

    i had great success cutting last summer stacking their green-tea, yohimbine, and caffine caps.

  3. I'll post mine as soon as you change the here to hear in your title

    Actually my spring stack has become my summer stack. Whenever my X Factor gets here, I'm going to be running that. In the summer, I'm going to try Recreate on a cut.

    I'll be on my basics throughout, i.e. Green Tea, Leucine, Beta-Alanine, Creatine, 1-Carboxy and Yellow Gold.

  4. OMG I can't believe I wrote that lol, nice catch....def not changing it though, it's a true testament to my low carb diet lol....

    Recreate is gonna knock your socks off brother

  5. Once I finish up my IGF-2 and Neovar, its:

    2 Weeks of TD Formestane + Napalm
    1 Week TD Form
    2 Weeks TD Form + Napalm


    2 straight bottles of Diesel Test Hardcore

    Can't freakin wait...

  6. Very nice bro, maybe add some Recreate, DCP and AP as this is becoming untouchable in the fat loss department


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