Need Supplements Fast? Nutraplanet Gets it Done

  1. Need Supplements Fast? Nutraplanet Gets it Done

    Alright I have been a NP customer for a good amount of time so this is nothing new. However my need for this shipment sooner rather than later prompted me to share this with everyone.

    I ordered a pretty simple order of GF Pro Protein and some Ultra Peptide Protein. I bought both hoping to receive the package by Friday. Now no I'm not running out of protein or anything, but the main reason I am anxious to receive this package is because Friday is my carb up day and the only day that I will be able to taste test the UP for at least a week! I am also not a person who spends unneeded money on super fast shipping so I still kept basic ground.

    Now look at this noting the time placed and time shipped:
    edited out: Thanks Steveoph!

    A 3.5 hour Turn Around Time!
    Thanks to prompt processing and shipping I hope to get this package on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning at the latest.

    Had to share this. If your like me and need supplement orders fast but never spend for the express shipping, then Nutraplanet is for you.
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  2. you forgot to blur out the other tracking number, now i know where you live

  3. Lol I knew I was going to mess that up somehow.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by acshadow View Post
    you forgot to blur out the other tracking number, now i know where you live
    Yea I PMed him about that. Don't worry , I'll only stop by occasionally

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