About to buy some Acetyl L-Carnitine...

  1. About to buy some Acetyl L-Carnitine...

    About to pick up some bulk of this stuff to try out. Do I need to cap this stuff or can i just mix it with my protein shake or something?

  2. ALCAR is like sour type taste... I mix it with fruit juices (apple juice, OJ, etc) and the taste it pretty much covered, just adds a bit of sourness.

    Never tried with with protein shakes, don't imagine it would taste that great

  3. thanks for the reply. some type of juice it will be then.

  4. honestly i like the taste of it... kinda tasted like those sour candy warheads back in the day but not as extreme, itd mix good with anything fruity... dont mix it in your protein it probably wont be good.

    i mix it with water a lotta times or jus put the powder in my mouth and chase it, i guess thats jus because i dont mind the taste tho

  5. I cap mine with Choline.
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  6. I take it straight also. Like everyone has said it just has a sour taste, smells terrible though.
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  7. It's an acquired taste. It really is. Personally, I love the stuff. I drink it straight.
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