Carnitine to Canada

  1. Carnitine to Canada

    What are the chances of Propionyl-L-carnitine making it through Canada customs? I need it for my father who has intermittent claudication and peripheral arterial disease(he is receiving medical treatment, but desperately needs a boost to increase his walking distance before pain). This double-blind study showed it to be effective and well tolerated for that purpose (trying to post url but it wont let me because of posts, but its called Propionyl-L-carnitine in intermittent claudication and I found it on pubmed) but unfortunately carnitine is not considered a supplement in Canada, and no doctor will consider it. Does customs look over the ingredients in every package, or just some of them? Is there any chance, even through multiple tries it could get through? Thanks.

    BTW some supplement sites sell ALCAR in Canada(even though there not supposed to) but none I have seen sell PLCAR.

    EDIT: actually I'm reading now that ALCAR is legal in Canada, even though L-carnitine is not. That would explain the ALCAR in those online supplement stores and would make PLCAR legal I think. Any toughts?

  2. I've gotten it on two different orders from Nutraplanet.

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