Bulk BCAA question.

  1. Bulk BCAA question.

    I just purchased a kilo of the bcaa. On the label it advised per 1/4 teaspoon equaled 400mg. Ok, here's my question. How much do I need to take? I've been lifting for yearing and have neglected taking bcaa's. I'm 6'3" and 275lbs. I just need advice on dosing this stuff. I also ordered Xtend as well to mix w/the bcaa. The Xtend calls for 6 scoops given my bodyweight. How could I divide it up by mixing the two. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. This is a pretty debatable topic, what is your lean body mass?
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  3. The last time I checked my body fat it was 18%.

  4. I would go with at least 15g total BCAA probably more around 20 though. How ever you want to split it up between xtend and the bulk is your personal preference for taste. You can go even higher, but I think this would be a good baseline to try out for a couple weeks and see how your body reacts. I know Palquin recommends up to 40g for his athletes in one session but I think that might be a little costly. Good Luck though
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