best way to cap and dose Bulk 1 - Carboxy?

  1. best way to cap and dose Bulk 1 - Carboxy?

    I just got 100grams of 1-Carboxy-2-Amino-3-Probenzol (3,4-didol), and would like to know how I should cap and dose it?

    On the label it says 800mg, will I be able to fit 800mg in a 00 cap? How does everyone else cap this?


  2. depends on how well you try to compress it but its around 650-750mg per 00 cap after you finish capping it you can pick a few random caps and weight then so see an average weight you get from them

  3. As for bulk capping, I've been more a trial and error sort, I usually weigh out a bit, cap and see how it fills, and once I find a sweet spot then I'll cap that amount for the rest of what I have in bulk.

  4. I have capped it before, and each 00Nutracap comes out with just under 800mg. Personally I dose two to three caps whenever I need a solid night of sleep. If you have a scale I would just recommend parachuting the powder because it seems to hit me harder and faster when not in a cap But the texture and taste is a little weird for a drink.
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  5. thanks for the replys! I will try and stuff as close to 800mg as I can.



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