Shipping confirmation

  1. Shipping confirmation

    I made an order before and i got an email saying what i ordered and my information, but i didnt get a notice saying it shipped, when will i get this? I ordered something from and 2 min later it said my order was filled and shipped. Also i bought the AX triple stack of hyperdrol, mass fx and retain, when i ordered it was in stock but now it says its out of stock. Is mine gonna come in? did it ship? when will i know?

  2. Please contact me at the email in my sig, with your order info, and I'll try and help. Btw, if shipped all orders in 2min, all online companies would be out of business ! You were lucky with that super fast ship time.

  3. I just saw an email that you sent to us, and the order number you quoted, is not a valid number, as we have not gotten to that high a number yet. In addition, you did not leave a valid email. Please contact me with the proper information, So I may look into your order. Also, we are closed on Saturday when you said you made the order. Get back to me buddy !

  4. i emailed you.... im really curious as to why im having so many problems... and now the stuff i ordered from u guys isnt in stock and i need it. did u guys charge my card? i didnt get a receipt and i filled evrything out correctly and gave a valid email

  5. The order # in the new email, is the correct one. Your order needs further verification, before we can process it. Please follow the instructions in the email sent to you. Take care.

  6. what email sent to me? there were no further directions or verification stuff?

  7. can anyone please help me with how i verify my card and can get my package shipped? this is my first time ordering from them and its been really frustrating, i need my supps asap.....


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