WMS - Flavored varieties?

  1. WMS - Flavored varieties?

    I can't find any flavored WMS... only bulk unflavored.

    IDS makes a bulk flavored WMS (~5lbs tubs, IIRC) that is available at another online retailer. This is the only thing that NP doesn't have that I want.

    It would be better in my situation to have a flavored WMS product, then add the goodies to that (EAAs, BCAAs, Leucine, etc., etc.).

    As it is now, I have to find a flavored product (like Xtend) and add WMS to that. And, considering the bulk of the resulting mixture is unflavored WMS, you can imagine the taste is not so good.

    Or, maybe NP could get the flavoring systems back online.

    Flavored bulk WMS FTW!


  2. Well, I found something from Evolution Labs called GlucEvol. But, I calculated it out to only 4.12 lbs. of WMS for $30.

    Looks similar to what I want. Still searching....

  3. Buy bulk unflavored and buy a flavoring system either at NP or a board sponsor.

  4. i mix it with crystal lite rasberry lemonade and it totally masks the taste

  5. Quote Originally Posted by amicold View Post
    Buy bulk unflavored and buy a flavoring system either at NP or a board sponsor.
    Last time I checked, the flavor systems were out of stock.

    Someone PMd me a nice place to get my own custom WMS-based product.

    I may try getting a small batch of bulk WMS and trying the crystal light method... sometimes I forget about the simple stuff. I have it in my brain that EVERYTHING has to come from Nutraplanet. Their brainwashing is working!!!

    I suppose that Kool-aide makes sugar free varieties in powder form?

  6. They do. You're in luck!


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