Watermelon Xtend?

  1. Watermelon Xtend?

    I was wondering if you had a date when the Watermelon Xtend would be back in stock? I'm going to be placing an order of multiple items and was hoping to order it soon because I'm running low on protein powder and some other things but don't want to have to get grape if Watermelon will be back in stock soon.

    Any information is appreciated.

    Thanks NP

  2. Bump

  3. Have you tried the new grape flavor? It's tasty!

  4. I was planning on ordering the grape since the Watermelon was out, but it sold out as well. I ended up just ordering bulk bcaas from Nutra and some side ones to throw in the mix. Ill have to give the Grape a try in the future though.

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