please read!! competetive edge labs/nutra planet!

  1. please read!! competetive edge labs/nutra planet!

    Alright so I post something the other day saying how my bottles of mdrol I just got were bigger than my last bottles of mdrol I gto from a different supplier. Well being the curious guy I am, I opened both bottles just to see because when I shook them, I could tell that they werent the same. The bigger bottle has way bigger capsules, the smaller bottle, of course, has smaller ones. I just wanna know what the deal is here because thats kind of weird.

    MOD EDIT: Contact the manufacturer.

  2. Have you emailed Competetive Edge Labs? Or maybe they have a phone #?

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  3. I suppose it is possible that both caps contain the same amount of ingredient as if they ran out of the smaller ones or something...

    That is really weird though, no doubt...

  4. There's nothing weird about this at all. Manufacturers may frequently change color/shape, batch to batch, on these type of items that are hard to source. This current batch is the most recent, and looks as you described.

  5. maybe you lucked out and got double dose caps



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