Epidrol or havoc?

  1. Epidrol or havoc?

    Going to place an order.. . is epidrol legit? Do you guys truly think these two products are identica, or is there a difference in quality?

  2. i dont think its there job to determine whats what. they just sell the stuff. besides i think epi is sold out

  3. Havoc is the ORIGINAL, epistane/epidrol/epi-max/epithin-e/methyl-e are all clones

    ...would u want the original or a "knock off"?...

    RPN has a good rep, but u decide

  4. tried both and epistane .... i liked epidrol and havoc over epistane but for some reason havoc was the best...gains were all pretty close but havoc seemed to dry me out out the best. i recommend havoc to anyone who ask for that main reason, as well as coming from a company that i respect and trust a lot.

  5. Why fight the urge, go with the original epithio product..... Havoc!!

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