When do you guys plan on getting in a shipment of Competetive Edge Labs stuff, do you have any info on this? Thanks a bunch!

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  2. next week supposedly

    look at last post:

    Havoc & CEL

  3. Hopefully, I've heard "next week" a month ago on other items, and still nothing.

    You can get 2 bottles at nutra for the price you pay for one from elsewhere. I hate going elsewhere knowing that other places have it wayyyy cheaper. Even though its like $6-$10, thats a lot, and adds up to be quite a bit time after time after time.

  4. well its been out of stock for quite some time, so i would assume it about to be back soon

  5. Cross your fingers for me

  6. blah, prohormones are overrated

  7. not Havoc (just bought 2 bottles)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    blah, prohormones are overrated
    John123, how do I become as cool as you!?!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Hurleyboy05 View Post
    John123, how do I become as cool as you!?!
    gotta be canadian first of all...sorry bro


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