NEW Ready4War now at avail. at Nutraplanet

  1. Lightbulb NEW Ready4War now at avail. at Nutraplanet

    Ready4War - Are you ready?
    Energy | Mental Focus | Training Intensity | Testosterone Enhancement | Sex Drive |
    Endurance | Nitric Oxide | Thermogenic

    Ready4War™ (R4W™) capsules provide intense motivation/drive, thermogenic and energy enhancing effects but R4W capsules takes it to another level by also naturally increasing testosterone levels, training intensity, sex drive (libido) and endurance with Nitric Oxide enhancement!

    Training Intensity. Is that what you look for in a pre-workout energizer? What about motivation and drive to get you in the gym when you just "don't feel like it?" Do you want better mental focus to train "dialed in" and focused on your workout versus focused on the millions of other things that maybe going on in your head when you usually workout?

    Ready4War = The Solution!
    The Alpha and Omega in your quest to find the Ultimate pre-workout energizer.

    With Ready4War you get clear, dialed in mental focus and training intensity every single workout!
    None of that "hits hard the first few time you use it then no results after the first week" crap. Ready4War provides a potent combination of nootropics and energy enhancers delivering high, sustained energy with no crash. You also get ingredients/adaptogens not seen in other pre-workout stimulant products that truly increase endurance such as Cordyceps, Rhodiola and Panax Ginseng. With Ready4War you also get intangibles. Those things that make the product a step above everything else. Extras that you didn't necessarily ask for but you welcome with open arms. Those effects that push Ready4War past the competition.

    Ready4War Intangibles:

    1) Nitric Oxide enhancement. Ready4War contains powerful Nitric Oxide enhancers and antioxidants to increase NO production amplifying the results from any Nitric Oxide product you use with Ready4War.

    2) Thermogenic enhancement. Several of the best "powerful stimulant" pre-workout energizers provide very little thermogenic effects. Ready4War increases thermogenic activity to a degree not see with other high powered pre-workout energizers and you will see and feel the difference. Many Ready4War users are amazed at how much Ready4War increases their thermogenic (fat burning) activity during their workout and post workout for hours after you leave they leave the gym.

    3) Libido (Sex Drive) enhancement.
    I must say this is the most welcome intangible of Ready4War. I wont call this a "side effect" because if you haven't noticed for one reason or another caffeine products are notorious for reducing libido. Ready4War does the opposite. Many Ready4War customers comment on the huge boost in libido they get in the first three hours of taking a dose of Ready4War and how long it last after their workout. With Ready4War not only will your workouts/training sessions be at another level, your "bedroom (or wherever you decide to get down) workouts" will be at another level also!

    4) Testosterone enhancement. Used standalone or with DIESEL TEST Hardcore or with any other test booster, Ready4War will help to increase natural testosterone production. Not only do you get an excellent energy, endurance, training intensity enhancer, you also get a boost in natural test production helping overall muscle-to-fat ratio, mood, energy and many other benefits from having normal to elevated natural testosterone production.

    How to stack Ready4War:
    - Stack with DIESEL TEST Hardcore and/or Trib Test Extreme for the Ultimate test boosting, pre-workout energizing stack.

    - Stack with NOS ETHER for a sick Nitric Oxide, Creatine - ATP, Strength, Power, Energy, Pumps, Endurance stack.

    - Stack with any none stimulant endurance product to take your workout to the next level.

    - Stack to any Nitric Oxide stack to increase pre-workout energy and pumps without losing the pumps because of the caffeine content as seen with other pre-workout energizers that contain caffeine.

    - Stack with any herbal test booster or anti-estrogen product to amplify the test boosting effects of those products with the added plus of Ready4Wars many benefits.

    Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

  2. FYI the logs are all over AM.......product is sick!

    2 bottle combo on Ready4War.....the customers want it NP!

    Quote Originally Posted by kjkriston View Post
    Well I went for gusto and took the full 5 cap dosage today on a full stomach. I was wrong about 4 being the sweet spot.....5 was even more amazing. I was an animal today. :bb3:Here's my ratings on today:

    Intensity: AMazing
    Focus: AMazing
    Endurance: Way above normal
    Pumps: Slightly better. I am sure there is a difference but its not a big one.
    Mind/Muscle: Insane. Destroyed my workout.
    Mood: Positive, elevated, and motivated as hell.

    I am definetly buying this version no doubt. I have most definetly found my new PWO supplement! Chuck you have a winner on your hands. Not only do my workouts rock but I have energy and a positive adittude for hours after. Any chance of us testers getting a special deal at the end of this?....

    one of many ^^^

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