Package shipment

  1. Package shipment

    Hi i ordered about 10 products from nutraplanet on the 22nd (had to wait for the creatine to come in) and now im tracking my package on the website. Does it say shipped or delivered or anywhere at the site? I thought it'd come in yesterday but it hasn't. i'm tryna get my stack on ya feel me?

  2. go to ur account, they should give u a long ass number that links u to UPS or Fedex, not sure which, and u cant track it through that

  3. um....there isn't one

  4. go to "my order history" click on "View Order"....near the top on the right there should be a number....if there isnt then it means that ur order has NOT been picked up by a carrier

    MOD EDIT: Attention All NutraPlanet Customers:

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