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Neogenix Supplements

  1. Neogenix Supplements

    Anyone else interested in NutraPlanet carrying their line? I am not a rep nor do I plan on being one, just interested in their products.

  2. Sorry for the post. Wasn't trying to stir up any problems. Should have checked the rules first. Thanx for clearing that up.

  3. you should consult with Nutraplanet Rep or Sam about this or even Jerry(Bobo) before posthing this. your not a board sponsor and your advertising/asking for a product of you to be carried by the official store of this forum. Take some time to read the rules.

    Company Reps / Advertising / Company Forums
    If you are rep for a company and/or site owner that does not advertise here you are not permitted to post links or advertise in any way. This includes posting FAQ's and/or logs about your product in an attempt to advertise. Do not tell people to post logs for your company. If you receive the products for free for testing/logging purposes, do not bother to log it with their product descriptions and links. In fact, don't log it at all. Do not offer product testing as this is not your R&D department. Do not solicit through personal messages. Do not add links in your signature. You may not support your products and/or company here. Failure to follow these rules will result in the removal of posts and your posting permissions revoked.

    There is NO advertising, linking, promoting in AmSpace profiles unless you are a sponsor.

    Sponsor forums ARE NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE FORUMS. Take your issues with orders/service to them, not here.

    Advertising or linking in any way is not permitted unless you are a board sponsor or have permission from the MOD staff. These privileges are afforded to those companies that help keep this board running. Respect them as well as board management.

    Addition 4/15/07: is the exclusive retailer of Please do NOT link to or promote other retail stores.

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