2 ingredient questions???

  1. Question 2 ingredient questions???

    #1- Is geranamine recognized as a GRAS ingredient by the FDA and is it approved for supplemental use?

    #2. I purchased Yohimbine Hcl powder and I don't want to take more than 15mgs. Any suggestions on how I can correctly dose this? I have a scale that measures down to .01g, but with questionable accuracy.

  2. I just recently read that Yohimbine as opposed to yohimbe is actually labeled as a drug for E.D.

    Can a supplement company have yohimbine in supplements and market a product as a supplement even though it is considedered to be a drug by the FDA?

    Also, I read that geranium (1,3-Dimethylamylamine) is a drug used as a vaseoconstrictor on local nasal tussue. Can this still be sold as a supplement?

    Anyone that knows can PM me if want.

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