Bulk 1,4 ad legit?

  1. Bulk 1,4 ad legit?

    Hi guys. I was looking on ebay, and saw someone selling nutra planet brand 1,4ad. I looked on your website, (that has great prices btw) but did not see this. Is it legit?

  2. NP did sell bulk 1,4ad at one time.

  3. It should be legit, it was sold here until a bit ago I believe they were advised against it due to legal issues.

  4. How much did it go for?

  5. If I remember correctly, around $1.50 per gram.

    Speaking of which, has anyone logged the 1-4AD from NP?

    It went pretty fast, but I haven't heard anyones results yet.

  6. Can't say for sure if the guy selling it on eBay is legit or not, but we did sell it in the past and it came back legit on the lab analysis. I would be uneasy buying bulk powder from a stranger off of eBay. Can you PM me the link, please?

  7. I mean how much did it go for on ebay LOL

    I'm taking the NP bulk right now. Here's a mini review : This is my 4th week. Going for a cut... most users didn't report appetite increase... I haven't yet either. Very minor acne increase that almost cleared up with OTC stuff, I haven't commited to cardio yet (DOH!) Really cleaned up my diet though. Belly fat pinch seems the same, BW same, arms up 1/8 inch. Need to do cardio... need to do cardio......

  8. Damn.. I remember when the bulk 1,4ad was avail, but i didn't have the funds and i figured I would buy it later but when i was ready they were sold out.. Damn i wish they'd make one last run for me haha

  9. I know a few people who used the NP bulk. Both were dosing it at over 1g/day and said it was effective. I believe 8-12lbs in lbm and no or slight reduction in bf. Likewise no real appetite increase to speak of but skin did become oily and some occassional acne. Also commented that gains slowed after 8 weeks and both seemed to think 8 weeks would be enough.


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