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    OK so I sinned I ordered from somewhere else cause Nutra didn't have what I wanted to get. (not out of stock just doesn't carry it)
    Like bulk Grape seed and bulk forskolli.

    So first my ordered was delayed for a week no reason whatsoever, no biggie happened to Nutra too (except they did post an apology in the forums, I undestand times must be crazy with shipping and tons of orders, nobody's fault but it was nice to know that Nutra was aware and were taking steps to solve it.

    A week later (ok Nutra was late too but by this day I received 2 emails, Nutra = your order has been shipped) I received an email from the other company saying one of my items had to be backordered, OK no prob although would've been nice to know this when I ordered or to be able to see it somewhere in the website.
    The thing is that same day I received an Email from that company saying my order was delayed due to them changing warehouses. Now I maybe a little paranoid but I feel someone need to get their story straight. So now I have one Nutra package coming to me (traceable and everything) and another on hold for god knows how long and then when finally shipped it won’t be traceable and will take like 20 days to arrive (been there). This other companies are a necessary evil!

    Well just had to take this off my chest and to thank Nutra for the marvelous service and prices they give to us. And I am sure they will grow a lot more as a business (and hobby cause I bet they love what they do). I just dream of one day when I can get everything I need from Nutra.

    Thanks guys

  2. No worries E J you have taken the first step in recovery and admitting you were wrong.

    As penance I want you to write on the black board 1000 Nutra Planet is the BEST!

    That is all.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  3. I would love some 98% OPC Grape Seed Extract Nutra-caps. That would keep me from having to order from someone else too.

    Can the great NP keep us from doing these necessary evils?

  4. As penance I want you to write on the black board 1000 Nutra Planet is the BEST!
    As long as you don't want me to post it cause that would be a boring a$$ thread! All kidding aside Nutra IS the best

    I would love some 98% OPC Grape Seed Extract Nutra-caps
    Caps, bulk powder anything people might want to get this superb antioxidant! Please consider it.

  5. ...considered and looking into it

    To Be Continued...

  6. As much as I hate waiting for stuff, as hard as I train I need it now, this is by far the best supplmement site going. Great service, good selection and awesome prices. You cant beat that combination.


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