Thanks Nutraplanet - Outstanding

  1. Thumbs up Thanks Nutraplanet - Outstanding

    Just wanted to say that if it was in doubt before, you definitely have a loyal customer now.

    I ordered 1x Swell and 1x Blast late last year when the sale was on. Not a big order. I chose the cheapest international post option.

    Besides an understandable delay in sending it ( I imagine there was some product moved ), it took just 6 working days to arrive in Western Australia once sent, and had a free NP/Syntrax shaker with a couple of free Nectar samples in it.

    This is simply amazing customer service in my opinion. I got some big orders to make this year and you have definitely secured those. Thanks NP!

  2. I'm glad that you enjoyed your purchase transaction at! They have the best service of any E-Merchant, hands down. NP is known for their generous sample sharing and excellent customer service.


  3. Nutra always comes through.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Nutra always comes through.
    and sometimes they even come early....relax and take a deep breath, Nutra.
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