AA bulk in 100 grams

  1. AA bulk in 100 grams

    Is there any chance in getting the AA in a 100 gram container in addition to the 500?

    the 500 is 10 cycles worth. I dont think i'd ever use that much.

  2. when in reality it is only 50 grams of AA if you read thoroughly. 1gram of AA = 10grams bulk AA. it is mixed with a filler.


    I wish 10 cycles were that cheap.

  3. It's 10% AA, so the 500g is one cycle worth. Damn, you must've been thinking that it was an incredible deal. 10 cycles worth for 70 beans!!!!


    ...im an idiot.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post

    ...im an idiot.
    you said it... not me.

    I dont know why people assume that 1g = 1g of AA.

    You guys have to remember sometimes they offer something in a 200 mg capsule at an 80% extract. Thats 160 mg worth of material. Always remember to ask/consider that

  6. AA oil goes rancid very quickly once it comes in contact with air; that is why it is bound with Lecithin which acts as a protective shell keeping the AA from oxidizing so quickly.


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