Made an order 6 weeks ago still pending? Help a brother out!

  1. Made an order 6 weeks ago still pending? Help a brother out!

    Is the adam vcap every gonna be back in stock? Its killing me

  2. Holy moly, help this guy out. Have you tried contacting them through e-mail or phone?

  3. NOW has been out of the Adam veggie caps for over a month. I had customer service send you an email informing of the delays and asking for product substitution or credit. Have you received this email? If not, please email: [email protected] m and they will take care of it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your EXTREME patience.

  4. Yes, NOW Foods has been back-ordered for quite some time. Though, I was just informed that the shipment should arrive by this Friday. THANK YOU for your patience!
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