UK Orders

  1. UK Orders

    Just curious as to whether there are any other Nutraplanet customers from the UK? I placed an order for Anabolic Pump 2 weeks ago and it still hasnt arrived. I know, it being Christmas n' all I should be a little more patient, but supps from my usual US company usually arrives the following week.

    I know my order has been shipped, and it is probably somewhere in the Royal Mail postal system, but just looking for input from UK customer.

    Now to see where my DCP is at, over at BB

  2. I ordered on the 10th, but I used 6-10 working day delivery, so mine isn't actually late. Although my tracking doesn#t say it's with customs yet, so it looks like it's going to be late.

  3. Got your order yet puzzle?

  4. 1)It could be in customs
    2)It's christmas

  5. Yeah, i'm not being impatient, although it may sound like it, but you can understand Im a concerned customer

    Appreciate its crimbo n'all, and that the Royal mail, is royally rubbish, expecially at christmas

  6. Still no AP. I've emailed customer service, and no one has responded to my query, and that was last week. Could someone from Nutraplanet CS please contact me through PM please?
    Ordered on December 12th

  7. Sorry to hear this mate. I'm from the UK and my packages from NP have usually turned up in about 5 working days.

  8. Yeah its killing me mate. Im having the same problem over at aswell. I've no doubt its not the companys fault, but I'd like some assistance in the matter.
    I order alot of supps from another US site, and I usually get them around the same time a week later or before.

  9. jezzab05, PM me your order number and I'll look into it...

  10. Well, speak of of the Devil and he shall appear! I was rudely awoken this morning by the delivery guy, but to my delight it was my AP order! Hoorah! Thanks NP, I knew the problem was the delivery service and not Nutraplanet. Time to fill my shopping cart....


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