Nutraplanet SUCKS!!

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  1. When I lived in Mississippi, I always got my orders overnight even though I used standard shipping. No delays whatsoever from Atlanta to Jackson. So I'm assuming they received my order and immediately put it in a box and shipped it. Even now it only takes about 3 days to get my stuff in from the minute I hit 'submit'.

  2. Nutra may not be as big as other major retailers...

    The quality of the people is what matters most.

    Also don't forget the holiday sales they do which others usually don't.
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  3. Oh, and the one time I needed customer service they fixed my problem in like 10 minutes. Somehow 2 of each item appeared in my cart and I did not notice until after I checked out. This was probably my fault, refreshed the screen or something stupid. Everything was handled in a polite and professional manner. I have had nightmares with a few other companies dealing with customer service people.


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