Metabolic Diet Supplements

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  1. Metabolic Diet Supplements

    Hey, is there any chance of getting this line of supplements?. I really like the MRP-Low Carb...I plan on going back on this diet again next week. I had been on it for the last 5 years previous to me trying another plan that didn't work out so well and brought back my symptoms of IBS which had been almost dormant for the last 5 years. Anyway I would really like to see this product line at your site. The only other place that sells it is where I purchased it before. I don't like their customer service though and there shipping time is pathetic. Made one order there and will never make another again.

  2. Bumper Cars!!!

  3. Puhhhlease??. I will purchase some.

  4. Figured I would bump this again. I know Nutraplanet would have things cheaper than BB.COM.

  5. Their EFA+ product does look interesting.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    Their EFA+ product does look interesting.
    Yep, The MRP LOW-CARB is the best tasting low carb MRP I have ever tasted and it has lots of other goodies in it too. Mixed with some low-carb milk it is really thick and keeps you full for hours!. It is damn expensive though, but worth it in my opinion. I know Nutra can cut the price though!. I'm counting on it!

  7. Gotta bump this again just to be a pain in the ass!.

  8. Just in here to bump this thread again!.

  9. I would def. give these products a try if Nutra carried them. Great ingredient profiles for the supplement line and I've heard nothing but good things about the low carb MRP.

  10. I would definitely pick some up if nutra was carrying them.

  11. Yeah, you gotta love the MRP-Low-Carb. Yes the prices are expensive, but Nutraplanet can get us a break!. I have vowed not to go back to BB.COM, so Nutraplanet just has to steal their business with a better deal. I really want to try them again and I have been shoping with the planet for a few years now.

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  13. I'd sample their wares.

  14. Thanks for helping me out Ubiq. I feel like I am pleading with Nutra.

  15. Wheres the love?

  16. bumpity bump for the MRP low carb.

  17. bump to help out my boy, t-bone!

  18. Thanks, I hope Mr. Nutraplanet himself is watching!

  19. Nutraplanet CS?. Care to comment?.

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  21. First time seeing this thread...forwarded to the man.
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  22. Dsade has a hairy chest and that's the reason he was driven out of Cali.

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    First time seeing this thread...forwarded to the man.

  24. Daily bump for attention.


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