ATD Caps

  1. ATD Caps

    Are you guys getting the NP caps back in stock soon?

    If not, will Inhibit-E be back in stock soon?

  2. Hey man,

    I ordered Inhibit-E myself last week, but they are out of stock, and there are some issues with the manufacturer or something of the likes . . anyway, due to re-construction of the site, they allowed me to purchase the Inhibit-E, even though they were out of stock. I was informed yesterday that they will not be receiving another order of this . . . at least for now . .

    And I'm not sure about the NP caps - although I've wondered the same thing for a LOOONG time now - that price was just too good to be true on the ATD !!! But in the e-mail they mentioned that Gaspari is one of the few products that has the ATD ingredient in it . . and as they didn't mention the status of the NP ATD, I assume that can't be a good sign.

  3. the NP atd is solid, not too good to be true, they are just that good..

    not sure about when it'll be instock though

  4. It looks like Inhibit-E is out of stock everywhere. Dsade...any info on this?

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