Once an order is shipped...

  1. Question Once an order is shipped...

    once an order is shipped and in transit by fedEX, can NP cancel the entire order and it never arrive at your house?

  2. Of course they can.

    Here's verner sending one of the retrieval technicians out on the mission:

    Mission accomplished:


  3. Quote Originally Posted by B5150 View Post
    Of course they can.

    Here's verner sending one of the retrieval technicians out on the mission:

    Mission accomplished:


    But really, here's what happened B5150:

    1.) I made an order at Nutraplanet, but I accidentally ordered an extra tub of White Flood.
    2.) I opened a support ticket, Rene fixed the order, and the order was shipped.
    3.) Nutraplanet got a new site layout, it says I don't have any orders pending or any order history.
    4.) Money totalling the order price was mysteriously placed back in my account.
    5.) The package I tracked is in Atlanta, GA and it estimates delivery at 11/14.

    What do you think might of happened?

  4. Free supps? haha...

  5. thats what I'm crossing my fingers about....just kidding hahaha.

    But if my order was cancelled that would SUCK HUGE...

    I'd have to get protein from some other source that's free........


  6. MESSPLAY, you said you have a tracking number and it shows it is in GA so to me that would mean your order was shipped.

    Also it is the weekend I am sure that no one is at Nutra Planet to look up your order.

    You could just call them when they open up on Monday.

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  7. Alright I left them an email

    The thing is the order was deleted off wachovia and 150+ dollars is magically back in my account...

  8. What you saw was the authorization that was originally charged to your account before the order was actually processed, placed back on your account. since your order has now shipped, you will soon see the actually charge on your account.


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