NP's Bulk SuperCissus (10%)

  1. NP's Bulk SuperCissus (10%)

    How many grams to take per day for purely joint/tendon/ligament healing properties? I know USP lab's Supercissus says 750 mg x 2, but the bulk is different from the concentrated extract of USP's.

  2. If it's bulk supercissus, then it's from USP. Same stuff, just bulk form.

  3. Bulk Super Cissus Rx Exclusively at NutraPlanet!

    Introducing USPLabs new higher potency Super Cissus RX. Herbally engineered specific Cissus Quadrangularis yielding 10% active extract now in an economical bulk form exclusively at!

  4. Why is the color of the bulk form brownish when the USP caps are more of a white?

  5. I have no idea. Are you sure you ordered "Bulk Supercissus rx"? They have other bulk cissus as well.

  6. Yep. It's NP's Bulk SuperCissus. Genera's is the same. USP's is capped and the color is different. I believe USP's is a concentrated from of Cissus Extract, while NP's is the entire ground plant.

  7. I don't know then. All I know is that they are saying that the bulk supercissus is just supercissus in bulk form(uncapped) from USP. Maybe Jacob could clear this up, cuz I have no idea.

  8. Nutraplanet has many types of cissus.

    They have there plain old cissus, and there own 50% cissus. They also have bulk supercissus which is USPLabs (I think it's sold under the genera supplements name)

  9. The brown stuff is crap. The USP stuff is gray.


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