Primordial Performance

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  1. Very Weird
    it seems not the website problem

  2. We shipped NPís order a couple weeks ago so I donít know whatís up. It does take time to get new items set up on a website, shopping cart, ectÖ Im sure they are working to get it done.


  3. They are being transferred to the new site and should be there by Monday afternoon

  4. bump

  5. Its listed at NP now

  6. Seems to be priced just as much as it is direct from manufacturer....I thought it might cost less as most products at Nutraplanet cost less than if you purchased them directly...We all know Nutraplanet will increase sales of this product dramatically...Why wouldn't this lead to lower price?....Just call me freeloader...tight wad...whatever...

  7. Tightwad.

  8. T bone. They are $10 less than the pp website....tightwad

  9. Any chance at Tea-3 at NP?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    Any chance at Tea-3 at NP?
    bump to this..

  11. Sustain is in my shopping cart! :bruce1:

  12. I hope they get the dermatherm in to. I hear dermal 7 oxo is good and nutra doesn't selll any. They did have abliterate but its out of stock. It also appears to have some other goodies in it and looks like a good formula.


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