Xtend And Vasocharge?!

  1. Xtend And Vasocharge?!

    Ok so the deal for 49.95 says a large xtend...so is that the biggest one you sell thats over 1000grams thats selling right now at 38.95 by itself?...if so im all over this.

  2. come onn i got this in my cart but i want to make sure im getting the BIG xtend.

  3. I'm assuming, since they only sell two sizes, that the large one would be the larger one.

  4. haha thats what im thinking but i just gotta be sure.

  5. This is like the fourth time I've seen this question asked, and the second time I've answered it today

    But yeah, it's the large Xtend, and one Vasocharge



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