**get Diesel/nutraplanet Mega Sale**

  1. Lightbulb **get Diesel/nutraplanet Mega Sale**

    Unleaded prices are up, oil is up, but DIESEL prices are down.....

    AND FOR 5 DAYS ONLY (Oct. 24th to Oct. 28th) there will be an unheard off GET DIESEL SALE at Nutraplanet.com:

    If you have use DIESEL TEST Hardcore (or any version of DIESEL TEST in the past) or NOS ETHER you know these are two of the best products in their respected categories, if not the best natural test booster and Creatine/Nitric Oxide products.

    You can search here at AM or bb.com for reviews.......

    You don’t want to miss this sale. This is your chance to get your hands on two products (no max. to order quantity) at ridiculously low prices of under $35 each.

    Get the word out.......Are you Diesel?

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    DIESEL TEST Hardcore

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  2. Sale has officially started and if you order and it says "Items cannot ship" its because they set their inventory 2 low in the system, just check back tomorrow. The sale is while supplies last or till Sunday.


  3. Nutra could perhaps update the dosing instructions.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by machinehead View Post
    Nutra could perhaps update the dosing instructions.
    for which product the NOS ETHER? Yeah NOS ETHER was out in 2005 and I think they got the direction from the 2005 label.

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