BULK POWDERS.....what are your top 5

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    Well I'll be finding out soon enough. I ordered 3 months worth of Ultimate Mass Pump Stack, 500gms of ALC, taurine, and Beta Alanine along with PLCAR, Na-r-ala and CoQ10. I even got 3 months worth of SAM-e to top it all off. Mixed with some RPM, Poseidon, and Aminos I have on hand and I have one monster stack. I would have orded some Cordygen5 to go along with it but you guys were out of stock. This one broke my bank for awhile.
    WILD MAN!!

    I would time my multivitamin intake for around an hour preworkout, then, to take advantage of the additional cofactors listed in the study.
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  2. its going to be friggin crazy for sure. I am on a IF style diet dsade so I already hit the multi-vitamin with my small break fast before activity. My pumps have been crazy from doing pushups, chins and sledge hammer work since starting the IF style diet. Seems like everything is working better for me, even food. Not saying its for everyone, but for a guy like me that wants to reduce my weight down around 20lbs more and improve my strength and performance it just fits. I am more mentally alert and I can't wait to add the ALCAR/PLCAR/SAM-e/CoQ10 mix into this. If you guys got any free mental/performance freebie samples please hook me up!!! I am such a moocher...but dang it I spent around $500 today!

  3. BCAA
    Beta Alanine
    Creatine Monohydrate

  4. leucine
    citrulline malate
    green tea extract

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    you really feel ltyrosine? cool

    i got bulk BA, taurine, leucine, and bunch fo bccaas
    For me the key to L-Tyrosine is 2 teaspoons on empty stomach .
    Pre workout stack only


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