Hey guys something that should be looked at for business purposes...

  1. Hey guys something that should be looked at for business purposes...

    I guess a while back when I was doing some ordering at I had SDNG in my basket while it was still unavailabe I had it in my basket somehow at $0.00. I just recently did a order with you guys to get my drive and some other stuff. Somehow the SDNG stayed in the basket at $0.00 and I didnt put it in their with my new order and it came with my purchase and didnt care to order it. It did not charge me for it either. I know most people wouldnt have said anything but that isnt good for your profits as I am a business man myself! Anyhoo...I posted this to see what you wanted to do and for you guys to watch out for that type of thing in the future. It was checked off on my list of products as $0.00 also. I didnt even realize it was there when I bought everything until I opended my box to a nice surprize

  2. Thats what we need more of in this world, honest people!

  3. Right on crader ! Thanks alot Ronnie ! Ck your pm bro, and have fun with it ! lol

  4. Done did!

  5. We appreciate your honesty brotha

  6. Thanks Ronnie...and repped!

  7. Thanks to all. Reps back!


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