Dermacrine Sustain ?

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  1. From what I know Eric is down for this! Sweet.

  2. This would be GREAT! Derm is a great product that I feel could replace SERM's for a mild PH/PS. Hell, it's at least safer - you know what you're actually putting in to your body.

    NP + PP =

  3. tried the 6oxo extreme, really liked the boost from the resveratrol. would really like to have a cheaper, reliable source of resveratrol. if you get it i will buy it. like damn near everything else you carry,lol.

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  4. bump

  5. Quote Originally Posted by verner View Post
    It's being worked on fella's, and is looking promising....
    thanks man NP is the BEST

  6. I'd be interested in this, dermatherm and tea-3.

  7. Eric is a genius and I hope that NP will pick up this quality product from a stand up company!!


  8. NP, get this in for your anniversary

  9. I plan on staying on Sustain for the rest of my life and every once in a while throw in some dermacrine, this is however only if nutra starts to carrys it.....

  10. Quote Originally Posted by verner View Post
    Theres always a chance if there is enough interest. As I understand, they don't have any distributors yet though. If anyone can do it though, Stryder can.
    Very interested...


  11. any update?

  12. I think Eric has stated in another thread that it wont be happening at this time...not 100% sure on that.


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