Want to get the most from your supplements?

  1. Want to get the most from your supplements?

    Then you need Anabolic Xtreme Trisorbagen ,for sale at the planet! Put a bear hug on those Supps and Squeeze every nutrient out of em ! Check out what Trisorbagen can do for you !

    Now you can make your other products FINALLY live up to their label claims!!

    Trisorbagen™ 3-Way Bioabsorption Agent and Anabolic Amplifier

    In today's pro-hormone world absorption is everything! Trisorbagen was developed to maximize the absorption, potency, and duration (half-life) of any oral hormonal supplement to include pro-hormones and pro-steroids. In order for any oral supplement to be effective it must get into the bloodstream and then remain there to do its work. Trisorbagen is specifically formulated to overcome both of these challenges to exponentially increase the absorption and duration. This allows you to take lower dosages of your oral supplement, maximizing its effectiveness, and saving you money. All of this is accomplished by combining three powerful ingredients in a precise blend (330mg) that allows them to maximize the absorption into and duration of the oral supplement within the bloodstream.

    BioperineŽ - This powerful patented supplement plays a critical role in the absorption within the digestive system and increases it's active nutrient transportation in the bloodstream. We use the most active extract available for maximum effectiveness. Bioperine has been tested in several clinical studies and has shown to increase the absorption of minerals, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins.

    Emblica Officinalis - Another active component increasing absorption within the digestive system. It has been used for centuries in Ancient East Indian Medicine (Ayurvedic) as a potent digestion, absorption and assimilation enhancer of food and nutrients and for its overall positive influence on physiology. Emblica Officinalis will also help strengthen the liver and rid the body of toxins while on any hormonal cycle.

    6,7,-dyhydroxybergamottin (DHB) – After optimizing the absorption into the bloodstream, DHB acts to prolong the activity by extending the half-life and duration within the bloodstream. Many studies on this natural extract show large increases in active concentrations within the blood when ingested with or around the same time frame as the target compound. Larger blood concentrations give you more ability to GROW!

    These three ingredients are combined in specific ratios (330mg) to maximize the power of any oral supplement and you will know it when you try it!

  2. is there any way we could get a package deal with other ax items on this? like the triple stack but sub in trisorb instead of retain?

  3. "5) Fortifies and strengthens the liver. Amla helps purify the blood and plasma, thus strengthening liver function and helping it in eliminating toxins from the body. Research shows that amla helps lower cholesterol as well and supports the cardiovascular system with a mild stimulant action. Improved lipid values and positive cardio protection, along with improved liver function are clear pluses for anyone on ANY type of cycle."

    That seems like a stretch to make a claim that it strengthens the liver... I may be wrong but if it does "purify the blood and plasma" this would help the kidneys out moreso than the liver

  4. bump... yes? no? i just thought'd be a good idea to throw out there

  5. how about SDNG+Trisorbagen+APCT stack

  6. Verner is there a reason that you aren't changing your "Board Sponsor" writing beneath your name to "Uber NP Dood" or something?

    Much Love,


  7. Would this be a good product just to take consistently and help improve all types of supplements?!


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