Very impressed with NutraPlanet!

  1. Thumbs up Very impressed with NutraPlanet!

    In the past I've done my online shopping at While I have nothing too negative to say about them, I was surprised your site had much cheaper prices on most items! However, the biggest thing for me was that I received my order so promptly. As a Canadian I have typically had to wait 30+ days for orders to show up; however, my first order from NP arrived in under a week! Just 4 or 5 business days! Wow

    I realize that customs plays a big role in these things, so maybe I just got lucky... regardless, thanks for the great service and I'll definitely recommend you to other Canadians


  2. I found them too after the same site and a few other.

    Nutraplanet is amazing!!! 4th order coming up, wait 3rd, i forgot

  3. What is this Nutraplanet you speak of?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    What is this Nutraplanet you speak of?
    Forgot to take some Clear Edge this morning, gentleman?

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