CONTEST: Want FREE X-Lean? Just buy from NP.......Details inside!!!

  1. CONTEST: Want FREE X-Lean? Just buy from NP.......Details inside!!!

    Alright guys I figure since everyone was kind enough to buy all of the X-Dream then we will reward you guys by offering some free X-Lean as well.

    Here is the contest:

    Starting Monday at 6pm EST, the 1st, 5th, and 7th people to purchase Epistane will also get a free bottle of X-Lean for their post cycle therapy .

    However, when ordering, you HAVE TO put that you are an AM member in the special instructions sections so that we can be sure it goes to AM members only! If 5 people order and 1 of those people is not a member then we will give the 6th and 8th people a prize instead.

    I have already spoken with NP and they are aware of the contest and the bottle will be included with your order.


  2. sweet deal.. wallet says it's a no go though =(

  3. ill be at work

  4. dang! i just purchased x-lean for my pct!

    wtf!?! lol

    hope the product is as good as epi!

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