Mixing powders in a capsule...?

  1. Mixing powders in a capsule...?

    I got my orders from NP in today and before i even mix these in a capsule i wanted to make sure its is ok to do so.

    I want to mix Nettle Root, Tribulus terrestris, and Androstenetrione Powder all in one cap and just wanted to make sure that it would be ok to do before i go ahead and do so. I already know the doses i want to add.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. I don't see why you can't.... kinda like a mini NHA stack in one pill. Seems like a clever idea.
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  3. The only thing I'm hesitant to mix powders about is if you decide you want more of one component, but not the others. Example: If you decide later that you want to take more nettle, you would end up having to take more 6-oxo, and you're joints will pay the consequences at a certain point. )
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