just wana say thanks

  1. just wana say thanks

    you guys provide thebest supplements, at the best price, with the best service!

    Thank you for helping me reach my goals!

  2. X2, i just received my first order and in addition to the best customer service i got a free T-shirt too

  3. Got my free T-shirt and some BSN MRPs to try - so sweet - you guys really do rock!!!!!!!!

  4. I predict 1/10 of the population of this planet will be wearing a Nutraplanet T shirt by Christmas.

  5. Give your support by giving back to them with a review on their website for products you have purchased. You can find more information here:

    Become A Product Reviewer @ Nutraplanet Today - This is your chance!!!

    Time to put your er review ...um where your money went? ( the whole money where your mouth thing didn't work :P)

    Much Love,


  6. i gotta say thanks too....i had an order get lost/stolen/disappear with fedex, and nutra shipped me the whole order again for free on top of that, they threw in the 24% cissus instead of the 10%, and sent a t shirt too. i love you guys

  7. Last order I got last week had a t-shirt and lotsa samples! Thanks NP!

  8. To all who say "Thank you" please kindly add your reviews to the products you have purchased. They really appreciate this and it helps us / each other as well.

    More information here:

    Become A Product Reviewer @ Nutraplanet Today - This is your chance!!!

    Much Love,


  9. I just placed 2 orders this week and will prolly make another very soon.....they always hook me up with free sample so its so tempting to keep ordering!

    Keep up the good work!


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