Will never order from anywhere else!

  1. Will never order from anywhere else!

    Got to love this...

    Placed my order late Thursday and when I got home on Saturday... this is what was waiting for me....

    What can I say... I love AX products!

    ** for some reason I couldn't attach the picture**

    2 aPCT
    2 HX2
    2 Mass FX
    2 Retain2

    (two on top were S.D.)

    Please note:
    The 2 bottles above the Sport Nutrition Supplements for Bodybuilding and Fitness needs where purchased sometime ago, but have been sitting on them to create a mass cycle for late 2007.

  2. I have plenty of order at my door in under 20 hours.


    What do you know about foreign affairs?

    One Love!
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